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The only thing more important than tax planning is tax preparation. The two might sound nearly synonymous. In reality, they are quite different, and you need an experienced and reliable CPA firm to differentiate and execute on these two crucial strategies. Haynie & Company’s team of expert CPAs here in Phoenix offers precisely that.


Tax planning takes measure of the prevailing tax code to optimize your tax returns. For example, say you run a real estate trust. Tax planning would involve utilizing all the breaks and credits that come with owning, maintaining, and selling properties. Tax preparation, on the other hand, concerns the actual filing of your annual taxes. All the tax planning in the world does not matter if your taxes are not properly filed in total compliance with IRS rules and regulations.


Saving money on tax preparation sounds nice in theory. In the end, counting on a cut-rate accounting clerk or gut-instinct can cost you ten times over.


Haynie & Company is an established CPA firm with decades of experience in tax preparation. We have worked with dozens upon dozens of individuals and businesses right here in Phoenix. A lot goes into Haynie & Company’s reliable and dynamic Phoenix office

Professionals at Haynie & Company meeting to discuss the 179D Energy Tax Deduction.

Haynie & Company: Established But Never Satisfied

For over 60 years, our tax preparation CPAs have served individuals and businesses nationwide. Still, after all these years, Inside Public Accounting named Haynie & Company one of 2020’s Fastest-Growing Firms. Clients and companies across the country are flocking to our doors in greater numbers than ever.


Many large and aging companies become lumbering giants. Not so with Haynie & Company. Having expanded nationwide to over a dozen major cities, our individual CPAs at each branch have remained lean, mean, and hungry to provide the best possible service. One reason is that Haynie & Company’s tax preparation CPAs do not rely on scripted pitches and formulaic operations.

Each individual or business we work with receives a customized tax preparation service:


  • Haynie & Company’s CPAs in Phoenix become an extension of your finances, understanding them as if they were our own.
  • Haynie & Company is a full-service accounting firm. As we like to say, our CPAs don’t specialize in anything; we specialize in everything.
  • CPA firms with a narrow focus or single specialization often get trapped inside their own thinking. Our broad-based knowledge permits wider perspective and deeper insight when it comes to your annual filing. Our clients are often amazed by the creativity of our solutions because of our passion for accounting.
  • Haynie & Company provides services to all business entities—whether individuals and private businesses, public businesses, government, or much more. Put simply, if you need tax preparation, we can help you.
  • Our CPAs in Phoenix are known for forthrightness and honesty. You won’t find us dithering around petty matters with the implicit intention of impressing you with our ‘attention to detail.’
  • The culture here at Haynie & Company’s office in Phoenix centers upon efficiency and effectiveness. You will find our CPAs amiable yet unwaveringly focused. Our long term relationships are built upon the mutual trust that comes with friendly and direct communication.


There is a time and place for cutting costs. Filing your taxes is not one of them. The IRS does not care if you aren’t certified or were under a lot of pressure. With Haynie & Company, you receive the best tax preparation service at a reasonable price.

An employee of Haynie & Company providing tax services.

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Haynie & Company is one of the most capable and competent CPA firms in the nation. Across the country, each of our branches competes to contribute to this reputation. As such, our tax preparation CPAs provide the best service in Phoenix, bar none. This year, do your finances a favor and count on our expert tax preparation CPAs. Reach out for a consultation with us today at 602-306-4800.