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Best Tax Planning CPAs in Phoenix, AZ

As a nationwide CPA firm, Haynie & Company’s foundation was built upon core accounting services such as tax planning. In operation since 1960, our experienced CPAs have passed down generational knowledge while top talent continues to flock through our doors. Nowhere is that more true than Haynie & Company in Phoenix. Here, we serve hundreds of clients across the greater metro area needing assistance with tax planning. 


Most CPA firms, despite their heartfelt promises to the contrary, run formulaic systems to hasten their pipeline. At Haynie & Company, we are known for generating thorough tax planning services. Our CPAs tailor tax planning to your individual needs, dedicating as much time and resources as it takes to exceed expectations.

Professionals at Haynie & Company meeting to discuss the 179D Energy Tax Deduction.

Haynie & Company Tailors Tax Planning to Your Needs

Haynie & Company’s work with businesses across the nation has earned high praise, awards, and accreditations from the most esteemed accounting organizations in the world. We have been recognized as one of the fastest-growing accounting firms in the country. Our CPAs take the time and effort to individualize our tax planning service to precisely what you need. 


Haynie & Company achieves this by first getting the full picture of your business before diving in and running a complete analysis. Our model isn’t based on a rigid system. Our Phoenix CPAs start with open-ended questions that lead to solutions explicitly curated to your business. We have unburdened dozens of companies, small and large, of onerous tax planning demands through tailored tax planning services.

Expert CPAs that Turn Tax Planning into Savings

At Haynie & Company, we understand more than most that modern businesses run a tight ship. Gone are the days of vast HR departments and armies of accountants at every outfit. Our experienced CPAs have seen scores of businesses whose accounting departments consist merely of automated software and a clerk. This goes double for small businesses competing to not only survive but thrive in this difficult economic environment. 


But when it comes tax time–which can be anytime–such businesses often must make a choice: sacrifice operations or tax planning. With the latter being all but impossible to remain compliant with basic accounting laws, the cuts to operational resources can be a real drag on your business, large or small. Haynie & Company’s skilled CPAs have saved countless businesses from making this seemingly impossible choice. 


Furthermore, by working with our team in Phoenix, that choice becomes a benefit to your business. Focused on obstacles between them and growth, you may be missing out on the massive benefits of proper tax planning. Haynie & Company’s team locate tax code applications, potential increased cash flows, tax credits, and much more.

An employee of Haynie & Company providing tax services.

Haynie & Company offers the full range of tax planning services

To provide truly full-service tax preparation requires an entire body of knowledge. Haynie & Company’s team of professionals in Phoenix don’t specialize in anything–we specialize in everything that tax planning has to offer. 


Tax planning is far more than preparing the annual filing. Increased savings come from specified strategies that we have perfected over time. Haynie & Company provides the following general services and more:


  • Business entity selection
  • Business valuation
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Tax credits & incentives
  • Tax research & consulting
  • Succession planning
  • State & local tax
  • Cost segregation study
  • International & multi-state tax
  • Representation before taxing authorities
  • Estate & trust tax services
  • Sales & use tax
  • Payroll tax processing
  • Personal property tax


Don’t sell your business short when it comes to tax planning. The downside risk to cobbling together a last-minute plan is great–but the upside gain when relying on Haynie & Company’s team in Phoenix is far greater.


Trust Haynie & Company with Your Tax Service Needs

Taxes can be a huge burden for a growing business. Haynie & Company’s team of knowledgeable and experienced CPAs in Phoenix lifts the burden so you can return to the business of growth. Reach out for a consultation with us today at (602) 306-4800.