Audit CPAs For School Districts and Charter Schools in Phoenix

America’s rules and regulations help businesses to evolve by allowing only the best and brightest to thrive. But these regulations aren’t confined to the private sector. In fact, Haynie & Company’s professional team of expert CPAs in Phoenix provide audits for all levels of the public sector. And when it comes to education, school districts and charter schools lie on both sides of the public-private divide. Our professional CPAs here in Phoenix work with both to ensure that your district or charter schools stay in compliance with current laws and regulations.


Haynie & Company opened its doors all the way back in 1960—before the existence of the MLB playoff format and 503(c)(3) nonprofit designations (both created in 1969). Our experienced CPAs have seen quite a lot of changes over the years. Witnessing the rise of the modern school system, including charter schools that have popped up all over Phoenix’s greater metro area, has prepared our school audit CPAs to provide unparalleled service to school districts and for-profit schools alike.

Haynie & Company’s Knowledgeable School Audit CPAs

It’s important to remember that audits are not only performed in service of criminal cases. In fact, the overwhelming majority of audits are entirely routine. Haynie & Company’s team of CPAs in Phoenix audit businesses and other organizations on a daily basis, simply to ensure that everything is accurate. More importantly, we ensure that you are in compliance with the rules of your field, along with the overarching regulations that govern your accounting practices.


Haynie & Company’s school audit CPAs help your district or charter school maintain the integrity of its bookkeeping, budgeting, and projections. Perhaps you have founded a charter school and are looking for investors so that you can expand into other areas. You need to be absolutely sure that your books are accurate, or you could be subject to fraud—even if the error was an honest mistake, which is called ‘accidental fraud.’ Moreover, since you’re looking for investors, you must be able to show evidence in support of your financial projections.


Similarly, Haynie & Company works with school districts, whose finances are complicated by bureaucracy. There are stringent processes and protocols in place. The school audit CPAs at our Phoenix branch have come to understand these processes very well. From the approval and creation of solicitations and RFPs to the purchasing of goods and services, every penny must be documented. Haynie & Company can guarantee that every dot and cross have been made so that the budgets are approved on time and local schools receive the funding they need.

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Haynie & Company’s team in Phoenix boasts some of the most knowledgeable and experienced audit CPAs in the country. For over 60 years, our CPAs have worked on the evolution of our country’s school systems. No other CPA firm understands school audits like Haynie & Company. We will make certain that your books, budget, and transactions are fully vetted, documented, and submitted to the proper authorities, so that your district or charter school can get on with the business of teaching our nation’s children.


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