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Thinking of selling your Phoenix company through an acquisition or merger? Net income just scratches the surface. To truly understand your business’s worth, uncover its Quality of Earnings (QoE).


A QoE report goes beyond standard financials. It dives deep into your company’s financial and operational health, focusing on EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization). Here, a more vivid picture of profitability surfaces, benefiting both sellers by strengthening their case and buyers by providing them with a comprehensive view of a business’s potential.


A QoE report is essential for any significant transaction in a booming business hub like Phoenix. Whether you’re the seller or buyer, it offers invaluable insights. Haynie & Company stands ready to be your partner in this process. We deliver QoE reports that instill confidence and equip you with the knowledge to make strategic decisions that propel your business forward. Contact our Quality of Earnings firm today at (602) 306-4800 for the outcome you deserve.

Benefits of a Quality of Earnings Analysis


A standard financial analysis only tells part of the story. A QoE analysis goes deeper, revealing the true strength and sustainability of a company’s earnings.

Uncover Hidden Value

We go beyond net income to understand the sources and consistency of a company’s cash flow. This helps identify undervalued businesses or potential risks in seemingly strong financials.

for All

A QoE report provides a clear picture of a company’s financial health, instilling trust and confidence in both buyers and sellers.

Strategic Decision-Making

Gain crucial insights for mergers, acquisitions, and investments. A QoE analysis lays the groundwork for developing targeted strategies that optimize your financial future.

Ensure Smooth Transactions

Identify potential financial roadblocks before they emerge. This protects financial stability and streamlines the transaction process.


With a detailed knowledge of your finances, you can better understand complex situations with greater accuracy and confidence, giving you a competitive advantage.

Quality of Earnings Audit vs. Report: What’s the Difference?

Audited financials and quality of earnings reports are forms of the due diligence process that provide a snapshot of a company’s historical performance. However, only a QoE report can give buyers and sellers a targeted analysis of key performance areas, illuminating a company’s financial health and sustainability. They analyze revenue streams, cash flow, and operating efficiency to paint a clearer picture of future earning potential.


In a QoE report, you can expect to find the following:


  • An Executive Summary
  • A Statement of Revenue Streams by Category
  • Income Statement Analysis
  • Working Capital Analysis
  • EBITDA Summary
  • Debt Assessment
  • And More

Contact Phoenix’s Most Trusted Quality of Earnings CPA Firm


In Phoenix’s competitive financial market, a standard financial analysis may not be enough. A Quality of Earnings report conducted by an expert like Haynie & Company can be the game-changer you need for a successful merger, acquisition, or investment. Don’t settle for generic analysis—partner with Phoenix’s most trusted QoE firm today. Contact us at (602) 306-4800 to learn more about the Quality of Earnings and earnings management of your business

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