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Multifaceted Tax Services from Our Ogden CPAs

The deadline to file taxes always seems to be right around the corner. Whether you need to put together a complex individual tax return or a complicated return for your business, tax season is always here before you know it. Often this leaves you scrambling for additional documentation, expense reports, and other proofs of income or deductibles. If you’re ready to have that burden lifted, Haynie & Company can help.


Tax returns never seem to get easier, so put our 60 years of experience to work for you. Our Ogden, Utah CPAs provide multiple tax services that leave you well prepared for tax season. We’re experienced in the planning and preparation of personal and business tax returns, and are ready to help you file properly and on time.


Contact our Ogden office either via phone at 801-479-4800 or by using our online form. We’ll be happy to discuss how our tax services professionals can help you prepare and file your return.

Tax Planning with Expert CPAs

If there’s one fundamental truth about taxes, it’s that it’s best to be prepared. Proactive planning is key. Trying to find documentation at the last minute, or, worse, in response to an auditor’s request can be at best nerve wracking. Our Ogden CPAs work hard to ensure that you have everything in order.


City, state, and federal tax codes increase in complexity year after year. What was necessary documentation last year may be useless this year, whereas documents you needed last year may be useless now. Our CPAs are diligent about knowing the current tax codes, and will make sure you’re up to date with the new requirements so you’re well prepared for your return and ready to file.


Our experience goes far beyond just knowing taxes, though. Our Ogden tax services CPAs serve clients representing multiple industries throughout the area. We have experience working with construction firms, restaurants and food service, healthcare providers, transportation entities, real estate offices, and small businesses, among many others. Whatever your industry, we can provide comprehensive tax planning services that help you pay exactly what you owe, no more or less.

Comprehensive Tax Preparation for Ogden, Utah Clients

Whether you’re filing a business or individual return, taxes can be complex and it’s easy to overlook important details. Mistakes can lead to an audit, which is even more time consuming and can result in you paying additional taxes or even penalties. Our Ogden, Utah tax services CPAs can help.


Running a business in Ogden is different than running a business in Salt Lake City, and the tax codes differ as well. Whether you’re filing as an individual, operating a small business, or running a corporation, your location will play a big role in your return. It’s critical to have a team of CPAs that know how to prepare and file taxes for Ogden, Utah area businesses and residents.


We pride ourselves on developing relationships. While we can do your returns this year, we’d love to help you out next year and the year after that as well. That’s why it’s vitally important to us to prepare your taxes properly and on time.


You may have an in-house accountant, but that person, however diligent, is covering a lot of bases. Put a full team of CPAs and their combined experience to work for you and rest assured that we’ve not left one deductible unclaimed.

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Experienced Tax Services CPAs in Ogden, Utah

Our 60 years in business has taught us a lot about taxes. We know how to plan for tax season, and how to properly prepare your taxes so when they’re filed you pay only what you owe. Whether you run a business or have a complicated personal return, our Ogden, Utah CPAs can help. Contact us for a consultation either via phone at 801-479-4800 or buy using our contact form to discuss your tax situation.