Meet the Managers – Utah

Meet the Managers – Utah

Take a break from tax season to get to know our Utah managers. There’s more than meets the eye with this interesting group. From charity work to great adventures, the life experiences of our leadership team make Haynie a great place to work and do business.

Ogden, UT

Michael S. Jachim

Heavy Metal & Punk may be his favorite genre of music, but he is all business when it comes to managing clients

•You can find Michael at a Utah Football game or camping in the mountains in his free time
•His favorite thing about Haynie is the team and clients he gets to work with
•Michael merged with Haynie & Company in 2002

Salt Lake City, UT

Aaron Abendroth, CPA

Aaron is a proud BYU graduate, and is happy to be so close to his alma mater in the Salt Lake City office

•Aaron joined Haynie & Company in 2011 and is a senior valuation and tax manager in the Salt Lake City tax department
•He began his career in auditing and transitioned to valuation and tax over the last 15 years
•Aaron received a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration from the Brigham Young University

Ina Bateman, CPA

Working from Home is old news to Ina, who has worked from home for 10 years of her Haynie career

•She enjoys being outside in nature, she loves the mountains, hiking, running and camping with her family
•Her favorite part of working for Haynie is the flexibility that has allowed her to continue working while raising a family
•Ina has been with Haynie for 14 years

Lisa Bell, CPA

Lisa is a woman of the world and enjoys her Haynie career that allows her to choose her own adventure

•She has been to Spain, Banff, Iceland, Thailand, and the Galapagos Islands, and can’t wait to plan another trip
•She once signed up for a half Ironman and accidently trained for a full ironman. Then couldn’t even participate because of heart issues
•Lisa is a tax manager and has been with Haynie for 6 years

Larry Berghout, CPA

Larry is a CPA but has morphed into Haynie’s IT Expert

•Larry has been with Haynie for 27 years
•He manages the growing IT Department
•When he’s not saving the day at Haynie, he enjoys spending time with his family

Julie A. Bodily, CPA

Julie knows her way around taxes, but also around the beach  

• She loves to spend time with her family watching movies & traveling – especially to the beach
• Julie has been in public accounting for 25 years
• She has a BerneDoodle named Bruce

Ben Brown, CPA

Ben dives into public and private company audits as easily as he scuba dives with sharks

• Over the last holiday season, he participated in 3 food drives: thanksgiving meals, Christmas Hams and plenty of food donations to the food bank
• Ben has been with Haynie for a year and a half as a Senior Audit Manager
• His favorite part about Haynie is the fun atmosphere created by his Haynie team

Jen Cowley, CPA

3 states, 3 kids, 2 promotions and 8 years later Jen has called Haynie home through it all

• Her natural habitat is at home, she is self-proclaimed home body and enjoys watching documentaries in her living room
• She met her husband in Santiago, Chile, but both are from Salt Lake City, Utah. She grew up in South America and went back home to stay with her parents for a few months after college and met her husband, who was on vacation in Chile
• Jen specializes in SEC audits and employee benefit plan audits

Jennifer Ferry

Jennifer’s heart of gold shines through her dedication to her family and to Haynie

• Jennifer has been with Haynie for 20 years. She began her career at Haynie while attending the University of Utah
• She has 5 adoptive children and finds joy in spending time with her family
• She loves snow skiing and water skiing. A great day is boating with her family


Darin Fullmer, CPA, CRPS

He is cross dominant in his hands, but also in business and personal tax, as well as Third Party Administration of qualified retirement plans

• He worked as a personal trainer for several years while he was in college
• He is cross dominant in his hands, so he golfs, bowls, plays tennis and writes with his right hand but throws and plays baseball and basketball with his left
• Darin has been with Haynie since August of 2019

Daria Gusack, ACCA

Working as an auditor has been her favorite job, it’s also been her only job, but still her favorite none the less

• She would love to fly someday
• Daria’s favorite part of the Haynie team is the flexibility and the ability to work with great people
• Daria celebrated her 2-year Haynie-versary in January 2021

Steve Halley, CPA

When Steve isn’t in the office you can find him hiking, skiing and camping with his family

• Steve has been an Audit Manager with Haynie for 22 years
• He received his BBA in Accounting from the University of Oklahoma
• His audit expertise includes, Private Entities, Multi Employer Benefit Plans, 401K Plans, Non Profit

Mary L. Hansen, PCA

The mountains are calling and she must go…but if she can’t, she’s helping new hires climb their professional mountains

• In her free time Mary enjoys hiking in the mountains
• She loves how the Haynie team works together to take care of our clients
• Mary has been with Haynie as a tax manager for 3 and a half years

Steven W. Hurd, CPA

He might not be the next HGTV star, but he is our PCAOB Star, focusing on audits for public companies and broker-dealers who work in several different industries

• He would love to be handier with complex home renovation projects
• Steve is an outdoor enthusiast, and enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping or taking a scenic drive
• Steve joined Haynie after graduation from Utah State University and has enjoyed 8 years with the team

Delayne Jones

She’s an artist at heart but an accountant by trade

• She originally went to BYU as an art major, but later graduated as valedictorian from UVU with her accounting degree.
• Delayne was honored to participate in #HaynieGives Festival of trees, decorating and donating a tree with her family
• Delayne has been with Haynie for a year now, and loves all of the art work in the office

Robert K. Orton, CPA

Rob is in the business of trust and leadership, with a side of audit work

• He once worked driving a truck in a potato harvesting operation
• He speaks Swedish
• Rob has been with Haynie since 2016 as a senior audit manager, auditing financial statements, and is heavily involved in audit scheduling and training

Brent Peterson, CPA

Brent’s generous heart carries over to his work as a tax manager

• He regularly volunteers at the Utah Food Bank
• Brent has been with Haynie for almost three years


Melody Rasmussen, CPA

Melody was riding her own pony at 3 years old, and now holds the reigns on taxes

• If she could learn to do anything, she’d love to become a concert pianist
• Her favorite place to be is at home with her family
• Melody is Senior tax Manager in the Salt Lake City office

Daniel Shaw, CPA

Daniel spent the last five years in the lone star state, but is now ready to enjoy Salt Lake City

• Daniel enjoys spending time with his 3 year old son and his wife
• He received his Bachelors from Westminster College and his Masters from the University of Phoenix
• Daniel has a strong background in real estate, primarily pass-through entities, but has also worked with large consolidated real-estate corporations and REIT’s

Yiwei Wang, CPA

Yiwei tends to her audits, like she tends to her 40 house plants, with love and care

• She took up growing house plants in 2020
• Yiwei enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures
• Yiwei has been with Haynie for 5 years as an audit manager

Katie A. Watts, CPA

Katie has always shot for the moon, and at Haynie the stars have aligned for her as Senior Audit Manager

• When she was younger, she dreamed of being an astronaut and was able participate in a space simulation and experience weightlessness in a plane
• She loves the people she works with and a great work-life balance
• Katie has been with Haynie since January 2016