Lynne Abercrombie: The Great Pumpkin Shoot, Aiming to Feed Seniors

Lynne Abercrombie: The Great Pumpkin Shoot, Aiming to Feed Seniors

September 25, 2019 – Haynie & Company Partner, Lynne Abercrombie, CPA is a committed board member of Meals on Wheels Montgomery County, serving since November 2018. Under the leadership of Lynne and the entire Board of Directors, the organization is a leader in serving homebound seniors within Montgomery County. Their mission is to foster the independence and dignity of homebound seniors by providing them nutritious meals, transportation and caring connections.

Lynne became involved with Meals on Wheels after watching her own mother struggle with declining health. Her illness caused lack of mobility, she couldn’t eat or cook for herself. She became weak, depressed and needed help. Fortunately, Lynne’s mother had family to nurse her back to health. While Lynne was helping her mother, she researched the options available to others and Meals on Wheels came to her attention.

Serving charitable organizations has always been important to Lynne. As a mother, grandmother and business owner she feels deeply connected to her home community. Giving back is a core value not only for Lynne, but for Haynie & Company firm-wide. Thank you Lynne for everything you do for Haynie & Company and your local community.

Fall is a particularly exciting time to be part of the Meals on Wheels team. On Friday, October 25, 2019 they will be hosting The Great Pumpkin Shoot. This event is a highlight for community members and an essential way for the organization to raise funds. If you’re in the Houston area, please consider joining Lynne for this exciting event. Click here to learn more about The Great Pumpkin Shoot or other ways to support Meals on Wheels Montgomery County.

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