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Most Respected Small Business CPAs in Las Vegas

Small businesses require their employees to wear many hats. All hands are on deck in the name of working toward a shared mission. Furthermore, in an effort to save money, many small businesses forgo traditional accounting departments. This leaves little room to focus on taxes, budgeting, and financial projections. Haynie & Company’s team of professional CPAs here in Las Vegas has seen countless small businesses miss out on big savings and cash flow increases as a result.


Haynie & Company works with many small businesses that thought they could outsource their accounting department to a simple software platform. Unfortunately, though modern technology has provided accounting expedience, nothing can replace the value of a qualified small business CPA. Our team of small business CPAs in Las Vegas allow you and your staff to focus on growth, while reaping the full benefits of the prevailing tax code, along with Haynie & Company’s ability to find areas for improvement.


Since opening our doors in 1960, Haynie & Company has spread across the country, to over a dozen major cities. Our Las Vegas team is connected to a nationwide network of knowledgeable and experienced CPAs. These CPAs come from a range of backgrounds, industries, and specializations. No other CPA firm in Las Vegas can provide our depth of expertise. Most importantly, we build long lasting relationships with our clients. Why? Because, in the end, our small business CPAs provide far more value than what you pay.

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Haynie & Company’s CPAs Treat Your Business As Their Own

Let’s face it: Most CPA firms or freelance accounting companies will not go the extra mile for your small business. The more clients they work with, the more they earn. They pile on added services that offer little value to your company. Worst of all, they don’t work to maximize your bottom line. They work simply to finish the job required of them.


Haynie & Company’s clients here in Las Vegas stick around because our CPAs treat your business as if it were theirs. Our small business CPAs see through the eyes of a small business owner. Far from working only to get the job done, our CPAs parse every last opportunity for savings and cash flow. Our small business CPAs do this by gaining a nuanced understanding of your company.


Here at Haynie & Company’s Las Vegas branch, we build a custom plan tailored specifically to your business. Our small business CPAs get to know your business on an intimate level. We apply a vast array of knowledge and experience to your circumstances and mission. We draw upon resources from our nationwide network and relationships. We pull out any and all tools that ensure your tax returns are maximized, your budget is optimized, and your financials are in perfect shape. Our Las Vegas office provides any service required, including but not limited to:


  • QuickBooks consulting and installation
  • Future discounted cash flow analysis
  • Accounting and financial statement preparation
  • High-level perspective of potential buyout points
  • Payroll services
  • Labor efficiency
  • Payroll tax preparation
  • Potential acquisitions
  • Internal accounting assistance and consulting
  • Audit preparation
  • Internal budgeting and financial analysis
  • The allocation, disbursement, and preservation of capital
  • Facilitation of internal control for small businesses
  • Business valuations
  • Tax deduction strategies
  • Succession planning


Haynie & Company has been providing expert CPA services for over 60 years. Our small business CPAs have worked with countless companies and keep up with every trend in the industry. Despite changes in the workplace due to technology and current circumstances, we have remained dedicated to maintaining our relationships through consistent top quality services. Regardless of your location or circumstance, Haynie & Company’s team in Las Vegas can solve your accounting problems and add immense value to your business.

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As the foundation of your business, your budget, financials, and taxes shouldn’t consist of paint-by-numbers accounting. Haynie & Company’s professional CPAs in Las Vegas offer a nuanced approach to your unique circumstances. Optimize your accounting process by contacting us in Las Vegas, Nevada, today at 702-242-3444, or through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.