John Cunha CPA Supporting the Arts

John Cunha CPA Supporting the Arts

The Nevada Museum of Art is an important cultural and educational resource for everyone in the Reno, Nevada community. Haynie & Company is proud to be a supporting sponsor and have our own John Cunha, CPA serve on the Board of Trustees. John is a Tax Partner in Haynie’s Reno office.

Before settling in Reno, John lived in Europe and Asia. There he became fascinated by art. John can list his favorite museums and paintings from all over the world and is passionate about the Museum’s mission.

In 2019, John joined the Board of Trustees after an invitation from the Museum’s CEO. Many of John’s clients, along with other business professionals in the community support the museum together. The Nevada Museum of Art is one of the oldest, and the largest, arts organizations in Nevada. The Museum operates statewide, producing major works like Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains in the desert south of Las Vegas. They have plans to open a location in Las Vegas and to expand their current location in Reno. They regularly organize original exhibitions that travel to venues across the country, like City of Dust: The Evolution of Burning Man and Unsettled

The Nevada Museum of Art is the only art museum in Nevada accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). Just 5% of all museums in the US earn AAM accreditation. They give people of all ages the opportunity to encounter, engage and enjoy a diversity of art experiences. Additionally, they have excellent programs for students and teachers. As school art programs are cut across the state, the Museum brings great value to the community.

Haynie & Company encourages all team members to follow their passions and engage in their local community. Thank you, John, for serving the Nevada Museum of Art. Learn more about John and his role at Haynie & Company.


Haynie & Company is a Proud Supporting Sponsor

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