Intuit to Stop Sales of QuickBooks Desktop to New Users

Intuit to Stop Sales of QuickBooks Desktop to New Users

Intuit has decided to stop selling the following products to new U.S. subscribers after July 31, 2024.

    • QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus
    • QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus
    • QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus
    • QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll

This does not impact active (as of July 31, 2024) subscribers.  An “active” user is someone using a 2024 version of QuickBooks Desktop. Intuit changed the renewal process in May 2022 to an annual subscription offering, so anyone who has renewed since that date should be using the 2024 version.

Intuit will continue to provide security updates, product updates, and support for existing subscribers until this product sunsets on May 31, 2027 – Intuit has not announced what happens after this date.  We will have a better feel for this when, and if, Intuit introduces the 2025 products this fall as they have been doing in the past.  However, existing customers will continue to annually renew their subscriptions.  Current subscribers as of July 31, 2024, will be able to add additional licenses if needed. (Editor’s note – while Intuit has not made any announcements concerning the future of the above listed software products, many QuickBooks ProAdvisors believe that this may be the end of these products as Intuit continues to emphasize QuickBooks Online.)

Is there another QuickBooks Desktop alternative?

This stop-sell does not apply to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise products – all customers can purchase this product after July 31, 2024.  New Enterprise customers can continue to purchase QuickBooks Enterprise after the July 31, 2024.

For more detailed information please click here.

Should I consider converting my QuickBooks Desktop product to QuickBooks Online?

YES!  The QBO product attracts most of the innovation and improvements from the Intuit Development Team, and this will accelerate over the next few years.  AI technology continues to be added, which helps decrease input time by automating input.

In the past, there was often a valid reason to stay with the QuickBooks Enterprise product as it could handle larger file sizes and more users, and it has Advanced Inventory.  However, with advancements in the last two years in QBO Advanced, this is no longer true in most cases.  There are now third-party Apps for Inventory that are less expensive than Advanced Inventory, and they are easier to use.

What’s My Next Step?

If you need to renew any of the four products listed above, please contact Intuit Sales directly at 1-800-601-4093. If you want to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop, please complete this form and we can get you a lifetime discount on the software. If you want to move to QuickBooks Online, please click on one of the following links to order your subscription:

Monthly Billing

Annual Billing

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