INSIDE Public Accounting Recognizes Haynie & Company

INSIDE Public Accounting Recognizes Haynie & Company

We are excited to share that INSIDE Public Accounting has recognized Haynie & Company as a Top 100 Firm for 2023 and a 2023 Fastest Growing Firm. Haynie, ranking at number 83 on this year’s top U.S.-based Accounting Firms, has made positive advancements compared to our ranking of 88 in 2022 and 103 in 2021. At the heart of our strategic vision lies a commitment to growth. Thanks to the dedication of our Haynie family and the unwavering support of our valued clients, we have achieved remarkable success.

About INSIDE Public Accounting

The “IPA Top 100 Firms” is an annual ranking of the largest accounting firms in the United States based on their net revenue. With more than 600 firms participating, the ranking provides a comprehensive look at the biggest players in the accounting industry and their financial performance. The firms that make it to this list are considered significant and influential players within the profession.
The “IPA Fastest Growing Firms” is another annual ranking by INSIDE Public Accounting that recognizes the top accounting firms in the United States based on their rate of revenue growth over a specific period. This ranking highlights firms that have experienced significant growth in a relatively short span of time, showcasing their success and potential for the future.

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Haynie & Company’s Culture

Haynie & Company has fostered an incredibly enticing culture where our guiding principles are growth, trust, family, service, and communication. Moreover, our unwavering emphasis on employee retention leads to the satisfaction of our long-term customers. We believe prioritizing relationships and demonstrating genuine care is the key to a happy and prosperous business. Each Haynie & Company family member, be it a client or an employee, holds immense value and appreciation. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Haynie & Company’s success in 2023!