Get an IRS Identity Protection PIN by Feb. 12

Get an IRS Identity Protection PIN by Feb. 12

ACTION REQUIRED! We strongly recommend all individual taxpayers apply for an IRS issued Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN). This should be done before the IRS opens up e-filing season February 12, 2021.  A significant amount of fraudulent return filings occur shortly after e-filing opens. We encourage both the taxpayer and spouse, if jointly filing, to obtain an IP PIN for each person.

The IP PIN is a 6-digit number you receive annually from the IRS that is included on your tax return each year. This is an extra step to help prevent tax fraud. For many people the IP PIN application process takes under 15 minutes. For others, the IRS may have to mail you a letter to finish your registration which can take 5-10 days to receive before you can complete the process.

In the past, IP PINs were only available to victims of tax-related fraud. However, due to a massive increase in tax refund identity theft, the IRS will now issue IP PINs to all taxpayers who register. The IP PIN program has proven to be an effective way to prevent identity thieves from filing, or continuing to file, fraudulent tax returns to receive illegitimate refunds.

Once an IP PIN is assigned, neither a legitimate nor fraudulent return can be electronically filed without including it.  The IP PIN number would also eliminate any subsequent Identity Verification requirement that would delay the processing of your return.

To apply for your IP PIN visit  Please take the time to ensure your security. Please note that this is a two-step process as you will first sign up for an IRS secure login account.

FAQs about the Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN)