Haynie Trees Raise $76,000 for Charity

Haynie Trees Raise $76,000 for Charity


We are beyond thankful for those who made our Haynie Gives: Holiday Tree Auction a success. All 30 trees found homes! With the help of our supportive clients, friends and outstanding employees we raised over $76,000 for 24 different charities.

The impact went beyond the $76,000. Numerous charities doubled the gifts through matching campaigns. In addition, several winning bidders donated the trees to families or organizations in need. Haynie & Company employees selected the charities and decorated the trees. This personal connection to each cause made the impact even greater.

Haynie values giving back to personally connected causes, and most importantly supporting what people are passionate about in, and out of the office. In addition to supporting the community, this project was a fun and unique way to get into the holiday spirit.

Thank you to our outstanding employees and the community members who donated their time and resources.


Salt Lake City, UT: The family of Dave Peterson, Managing Partner, was instrumental in planning and coordinating the entire event. The Utah teams created 19 trees. The proceeds of over $66,000 went to 15 different charities. One tree brought in $10,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! We’d like to thank Burton Lumber for their generous participation in this event.

Austin, TX: A Texas-sized bidder took home the Austin Texas-themed tree. The entire Austin staff worked together on their tree. Over $1,000 went to Central Texas Food Bank. This donation provided 8,000 meals. Learn more.

Brownsville, TX: The Brownsville team created two trees to support The Tip of Texas Family Outreach. Their beautiful beach and border themed trees brought in $1,000. The donation will impact the Brownsville community in the fight against child abuse and neglect.

Flagstaff, AZ: Kodi Mortensen led the Flagstaff team in creating two amazing trees. The Grinch theme and Country theme trees brought in $3,915. The Flagstaff Family Food Center and Hope Cottage received the donation.

Littleton, CO: The Littleton Tax and Audit departments faced off to create the best tree. The friendly competition ended in a tie when each tree brought in $800. The Littleton team was proud to support Nourish Meals on Wheels and Hope Communities with a total of $1,600.

Phoenix, AZ: The Polar Winter Wonderland tree brought in $625 for Saving Amy. The donation will impact the Phoenix community by empowering those transitioning from homelessness. In addition, the tree went to local non-profit A Child’s Life Saved.

San Antonio, TX: The talented San Antonio team was quick to get involved by creating three beautiful trees. The auction brought in $1,330 for San Antonio Food Bank and $500 for BASIS San Antonio Northeast Annual Teacher Fund.