Haynie Gives: Owenwood Farm and Neighbor Space

Haynie Gives: Owenwood Farm and Neighbor Space

Our Haynie & Company Dallas office participated in a School Supply Drive benefitting Owenwood Farm and Neighbor Space for Connor Elementary School as their August service project. With the help of our Dallas employees, they were able to provide school supplies to an underserved area in their community.

From Owenwood Farm & Neighbor Space 

Owenwood Farm and Neighbor Space’s mission is to create equitable opportunities for their neighbors to be known, empowered, and inspired. Here is what they had to say, “The first day of school at S.S. Conner was celebrated with popsicles and school supplies! It was so fun connecting with kiddos around our community and sharing after-school programming registration with their parents. Shout-out to Haynie & Company for their donation!”

Haynie Gives

Haynie & Company believes in engaging in meaningful acts of giving back to the community, fostering positive connections, and making a tangible difference in the lives of those around us. Whether through volunteer work, donations, or support for local initiatives, our collective efforts contribute to building a stronger and more vibrant community for everyone. Beverly White from our Dallas office, who was able to take the donations to the organization, said, “It is very important that Haynie & Company supports community events such as the school drive. The supplies went to those kids whose parents did not have time or money to provide what they needed for school.” 



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