Haynie Gives: Hold Strong

Haynie Gives: Hold Strong

Haynie & Company Flagstaff was proud to be a sponsor at the Hold Strong ‘Oh My Garage’ Cornhole Tournament. Haynie is privileged to support Hold Strong in their efforts to help officers suffering from PTSD and to provide a place to know that they are not alone. We understand the impact Hold Strong is making. Tax manager Sarah Jones‘ brother-in-law, Travis, is the founder. He is a Veteran and former police officer who was involved in a critical incident that led to the end of his career and a PTSD diagnosis. Unfortunately, Travis has lost two close friends and fellow officers to suicide. He is now on a mission to spread the message of PTSD and suicide awareness. 

About Hold Strong

Hold Strong Inc is a brotherhood of current and former law enforcement officers who come together to share their experiences, trauma, hardships, and growth. By providing a safe and productive environment, officers foster relationships with others struggling with or affected by PTSD. This environment is proven to be one of the best deterrents for officer suicide. In this space, officers know that they can trust their fellow members and speak openly without judgment. Hold Strong believes no one should fight alone. They can help others hold strong in the face of PTSD.

Haynie Gives

Giving back is central to the Haynie & Company culture. Sarah Jones shares, “I believe in giving back and supporting our local community and try to do so in my personal life. I am happy to work for a company that expresses the same values about giving and contributing to help our communities be a better place for those around us”.


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