Haynie Gives: Holcomb Family YMCA Kids Triathlon

Haynie Gives: Holcomb Family YMCA Kids Triathlon

Our Woodlands office was proud to support the Holcomb Family YMCA Kids Triathlon this year. This event brings children together for a fun and challenging activity.

We’ve supported The Woodlands YMCA Triathlon on several occasions. Our commitment stems from a deep belief in the YMCA’s mission to foster community well-being through diverse programs. “The YMCA is so much more than just a gym,” says Terri Arora, a Partner in the Woodlands office. “They offer education on improving health and water safety, empowering our youth, supporting seniors, and so much more. Every dollar raised impacts their overall goals of helping the community in a variety of ways.”

Terri’s Personal Connection and Leadership Role

Terri’s connection to the YMCA adds a heartfelt layer to our support. She has been an active member of the Woodlands Family YMCA Board since 2018 and has served in significant leadership roles, including co-chair of the 2021 Annual Campaign and Campaign Chair in 2022. Terri’s son also benefited from YMCA programs, participating in their soccer program and summer camp, which further solidified her belief in the organization’s positive impact.

Aligning with Haynie’s Core Values

Supporting the Holcomb Family YMCA Kids Triathlon aligns perfectly with our core values:

  • Family & Service: We take pride in creating family-friendly environments and serving our community. One of our team members, Darrin Moe’s son, has even participated in this event, highlighting our commitment to family and community.
  • Trust & Communication: Our involvement with community events builds trust within our local area and fosters open communication among team members, clients, and community partners.
  • Growth: Encouraging kids to challenge themselves in the triathlon promotes personal development and a sense of achievement, which we wholeheartedly support.

A Fun and Inspiring Event

The Holcomb Family YMCA Kids Triathlon is more than just a race; it celebrates effort, determination, and community spirit. “Seeing their beaming faces as they reach their goals builds their confidence and strengthens their sense of belonging with the community,” Terri shares. One of the most inspiring moments was witnessing a young athlete with a prosthetic leg pushing himself to the limits and enjoying every moment. These stories of perseverance and joy make the event so unique.

Haynie & Company’s Role in Community Support

Stephen Ives, President of YMCA of Greater Houston, had this to add, “Our “Be the Change” campaign ensures that our Y is able to make an impact in the community today, tomorrow, and forever. Because of your support, we are able to continue to provide transformational programming, and these programs benefit from your event.”


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