Haynie Gives: Blood

Haynie Gives: Blood

On Dec. 7th, the Haynie & Company Corporate office hosted an American Red Cross blood drive. Our Salt Lake City team had 33 participants and successfully collected 29 units! Thank you to all our staff who rolled up their sleeves and gave part of themselves for a great cause.

Haynie & Company Tax and Accounting Senior, Sherrie Wilkinson spearheaded the event. Haynie leadership was quick to get behind the cause. And others, like Tayshia Doan, stepped up to help. Sherrie recognizes, “the true heroes that made this successful event happen were all the donors. They signed up and showed up!” Some of the donors had a personal reason for wanting to give. One had received blood when first diagnosed with cancer, and this was their way of paying it back.

Generosity Beyond Money
This has been a difficult year for people in so many ways. Giving back to others is a way to find satisfactions and overcome the negativity we all face. However, not everyone is able to give financially, and those who can’t often feel guilty or worthless. The blood drive created an opportunity for everyone to have an equal impact.

2021 Goal
One blood drive can save hundreds of lives. With this in mind, Haynie & Company plans to make this a reoccurring event. Our goal is to include all 14 office locations and collect a combined 100 units in 2021. Because here at Haynie, We’re All In This Together.

Donate Plasma For COVID-19 Patients
The American Red Cross is looking for Plasma For COVID-19 Patients. If you’ve fully recovered from a verified COVID-19 diagnosis, your convalescent plasma donation may help up to 4 coronavirus patients in need! Learn more.