Haynie Gives: Annual Spring Blood Drive

Haynie Gives: Annual Spring Blood Drive

The Haynie team from our SLC office once again joined forces to support a cause close to our hearts: the Haynie Annual Spring Blood Drive. This event, which has become a tradition for us, holds a special place in our commitment to giving back to the community.  The American Red Cross collected 33 units of blood, which can save up to 99 lives!

 Our Ongoing Support

We are proud to say that this wasn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been hosting blood drives for quite some time now. Over the years, we’ve organized four spring and winter drives, each time rallying together to make a significant impact.

 Why the American Red Cross?

The decision to support the Red Cross stems from our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to give back, regardless of their financial situation. Blood donation is a powerful way to make a difference, as it directly saves lives.

 Haynie & Company’s Role

At Haynie, we firmly believe in the importance of supporting community events. Giving back is not just a duty; it’s a privilege. Our involvement in events like the Annual Spring Blood Drive reflects our core values of Family, Trust, Growth, Service, & Communication. Sherrie Wilkinson, a Haynie employee and event coordinator, said “It is very important to give back to the community. What we might think is a small commitment of time, can impact someone in the most meaningful ways. To live the Haynie core values and to stand out as a firm, we must be willing to give back and support those in need around us.”

 Aligning with Core Values

By contributing to the blood supply, we’re offering hope to countless families. Our commitment to hosting successful drives builds trust within the community and demonstrates our unwavering dedication to serving those in need.

The Haynie team’s collective effort was instrumental in making this event a success. Witnessing the impact we can make when we come together for a common cause is always inspiring.

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