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Tax laws are updated on a yearly basis, and it can be difficult if not impossible to stay on top of the changes. Compliance is critical for both individuals and businesses. Are you taking advantage of all your deductibles and tax regulation updates in your favor? Are you sure you’re paying only what you owe? Haynie & Company’s expert CPAs can help you with in-depth tax planning and preparation services.


City, state, and federal taxes get more complicated as the years pass. Our CPAs offer expert tax services that ensure you’re in compliance while keeping the most money in your pocket. You won’t have to worry about an audit for tax preparation issues, and if there is a random audit, you won’t have to worry about the outcome. You won’t pay too much, and you won’t pay too little.


Reach out to our Flagstaff CPAs by phone at 928-774-7371, by email at flagstaffinfo@hayniecpas.com, or by filling out our online form. We’d love to schedule a consultation to discuss how our tax services CPAs can help you.

Tax Planning for Flagstaff, Arizona Individuals and Businesses

The tax deadline always creeps up on you – it’s here almost before you know it. Careful tax planning ensures you have all your paperwork in order so tax preparation almost completes itself. But it’s difficult to find the time, and how do you know you’re saving all the documentation you should be? Haynie & Company’s Flagstaff area CPAs can remove all the guesswork and ensure you’re ready for tax season.


Haynie & Company’s CPAs help individuals and businesses across Flagstaff and the surrounding area prepare for taxes. No matter how complicated your situation, we can ensure you’re well prepared and have all your documentation in order. We know Flagstaff’s, Arizona state’s, and federal tax regulations intimately, so you’ll know you and your business will be ready with all the necessary paperwork detailing your income and expenses. Our skilled CPAs will make sure you’re well equipped for tax preparation.

Tax Preparation by Experienced Flagstaff CPAs

Depending on your source or sources of income your tax return can be extremely complicated. Your business’s taxes can be even more complex. Our CPAs know how to file in Flagstaff, in Arizona, and nationally, and we’ll make sure your return is completed accurately and on time.


Tax preparation in Flagstaff, Arizona, differs from tax preparation in other cities and states. Your individual return needs to accurately record income and expenses, and your business return has to thread even more needles. Haynie & Company’s CPAs know taxes and updates in city, state, and federal tax law. You’ll only pay what you owe, and we can help you avoid costly audits.


We’ve worked with businesses across industries, including restaurants and franchises, construction companies, small businesses, healthcare businesses, and much more. Whatever your business, our tax preparation CPAs in Flagstaff will make sure your return, no matter how complex, is filed correctly and on time.


While we can do one-off returns, our real skill lies with developing relationships with our clients, so you’ll return to us for tax services year after year.

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It seems that the less time you have, the more complex your taxes are. Whether you have a complicated personal return or are struggling with business taxes, we’d love to help you out and have you with us for another 60 years. Put our expertise to work for you: contact us via phone at 928-774-7371 or use our online form to schedule a consultation.