Employees Rate Haynie & Company an Excellent Place to Work!

Employees Rate Haynie & Company an Excellent Place to Work!

Haynie Culture

Haynie & Company leaders talk a lot about Trust. It is a guiding principle when it comes to building and retaining our team. Trust is king. But words like family, flexibility, growth and collaboration are not far behind.

Partner Rob Abercrombie puts it best when he simply says, “Culture Matters.” The Haynie culture is truly something special. And that’s not just our opinion. In 2019, we contracted RSM US Alliance to conduct a completely confidential survey of all Haynie employees and partners who have been with the firm at least six months.

The survey was an opportunity for team members to share their perspectives and provide honest, candid feedback. We take the results extremely seriously and act on employee feedback. We use the results to guide future decisions and create positive change within the firm.

Excellence in the Numbers

RSM regularly conducts these employee surveys for accounting firms. Their experts identify anything above 70% as favorable. Here are just a few of the favorable results we received from our employees. View the survey results.

98% I plan on staying at my firm at least another year.

96% I understand how my role contributes to the firm’s overall goals and mission.

95% Overall, my firm is an excellent place to work.

95% My firm provides me opportunities to do challenging work.

94% I find my job satisfying.

92% I have someone at work that cares about me as a person.

91% I would recommend my firm to a friend as a good place to work.

90% My firm provides me opportunities to grow and develop in my career.

Thank You Team

At Haynie & Company we strive to provide a work environment that focuses on growth, family, trust, communication and service. Thank you to all our team members who embrace the Haynie culture and make Haynie & Company an excellent place to work.