Preferred ERC Provider of LSNB

Preferred ERC Provider of LSNB

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is one of several programs the federal government implemented in the wake of COVID-19. This program reimburses businesses through a tax credit—i.e. a lump sum check from the IRS. But the fact is ERC isn’t simple for many businesses. You should consult with a trusted advisor to parse the Employee Retention Tax Credit requirements and application process.

Preferred ERC consultant of Lone Star National Bank

Haynie & Company CPAs have helped clients secure millions in Employee Retention Credits and is the preferred ERC consultant of Lone Star National Bank. As a leading Texas accounting firm, Haynie & Company has locations across Texas and beyond.

Haynie & Company is not affiliated with Lone Star National Bank

ERC Fraud

Fraudulent claims of the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) have the potential to be the largest tax-related scams in U.S. history. Business owners can’t escape constant advertisements and in-your-face claims related to the credit. Some ERC service providers are selling the story that “every business is entitled to $28,000 per employee”. Because of rampant ERC fraud, the IRS increased the statute of limitations on ERC claims to 10 years. This will allow the IRS time and resources to look back on suspicious ERC claims. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have an experienced Certified Public Accountant determine if you truly qualify for ERC.

ERC Program Specialists

You need an expert to evaluate your business and quickly identify if ERC applies to you. Haynie & Company has a team of CPAs strictly focused on ERC consulting. This expertise results in businesses getting more accurate funding quicker. Our extensive business network also allows significant resources and connections. We are proud to partner with Lone Star National Bank to bring reliable ERC consulting to their clients.

About Haynie & Company

Since 1960, Haynie & Company has provided a full range of CPA services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. The pandemic presented our economy with a novel set of challenges, and our CPAs responded, creating a team of pandemic stimulus consultants. Our Employee Retention Credit CPAs have helped countless businesses ensure their ERC applications go smoothly. Consultations are free, and you only pay if you qualify. Haynie & Company’s focus is to encourage employers to work with us on any aspect of the Employee Retention Tax Credit process.

Like Lone Star National Bank, Haynie & Company has locations across Texas. Our Texas locations include Austin, Brownsville, Dallas, Midland, Odessa, San Antonio, and The Woodlands. Outside of Texas, you can find us in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada.

Haynie & Company is not affiliated with Lone Star National Bank

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