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With finely-tuned research skills and knowledge of the latest accounting standards, the investment fund audit CPAs at Haynie & Company are well-equipped to handle all your investment fund audit and financial reporting needs. Our detail-oriented team of licensed investment fund auditors boasts decades of experience with PCAOB financial statement audits prepared in accordance with GAAP standards.


Find out how you can maintain financial compliance with help from our investment fund audit CPAs. For a free consultation, contact us now.

Professional Investment Fund Advisory Services from Investment Fund Auditors in Denver

At Haynie & Company, we can connect you with a certified public accountant who can perform the required accounting audit services you need, including annual filing assistance, preparation and review of public filings prior to auditor review, and much more.


If an investment advisor has custody of client assets under SEC or state securities rules, they may need to undergo a surprise custody examination by a registered firm and be inspected by the PCAOB. To comply with custody rules, careful consideration of each advisor’s unique facts and circumstances is necessary, and it should be done with the guidance of a compliance specialist and/or attorney. The surprise exam covers several specific aspects of custody and recordkeeping rules. With our extensive experience working with investment advisors of separately managed accounts and funds, we offer efficient and cost-effective surprise exams that fulfill our clients’ regulatory requirements.


All custody examinations at Haynie & Company are conducted according to the SEC and AICPA’s requirements. If you believe your firm may be subject to this requirement and are looking for an auditor, please contact us today.

Investment Fund Audits

Need A CPA for Audit Services or CAS preparation?

Many accountants assist public companies with audits, but it takes a seasoned investment fund auditor to maximize your business potential. As an investment fund audit CPA firm with over 60 years of experience and expertise, our CPAs have worked with audits related to:


  • SEC Independence Rules
  • PCAOB or GAAS standards
  • Compliance with the SEC Advisers Act
  • Form ADV and Form ADV-E


Haynie & Company is a public accounting firm that offers specialized audit and tax services to all types and strategies of domestic funds. With several hundred investment fund audit clients in over a dozen states and strong relationships with top service providers and specialists in the region, our team has a wealth of specialized knowledge to serve your needs. We focus exclusively on the needs of the industries we serve, allowing us to understand our clients better.


Our investment fund accountants are well-versed in the market and regulatory requirements to enhance your fund for success while mitigating risk. Our team combines the skillfulness found in a national accounting firm with the hands-on approach to client service you’d expect from a local provider. This unique effort helps to build trust and develop a lasting relationship with our clients.


When you partner with an investment fund auditor from Haynie & Company, you can do business with confidence!

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