Canopy Portal

Secure Document Exchange. Easily Scan & Save Files.

Canopy Portal

We use the Canopy Portal to exchange business tax information, upload documents, and track progress. The Portal also includes an App to make scanning and uploading documents easy. Your security is our top priority, and the Canopy Portal is the most secure way to exchange documents with us. For individual and Fiduciary tax returns, TaxCaddy will be your new partner for uploading and managing your documents. Rest assured that this change is designed to simplify and improve your experience.


To get started, you will need an email invite to join the Haynie & Company Canopy Portal. New clients should contact their local Haynie office to request an invite. Upon receiving the invite email, you will need to create a personal account. To get started, click “Create account” in the email invitation from your accountant.

Scan Documents

The easiest way to scan documents is to use the Canopy Portal app. Search for “Canopy Client Portal” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.