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Are you looking for a tax services partner to take on the burden of your taxes? At Haynie & Company, tax planning and tax preparation come second nature to us–and we’d welcome the opportunity to work with you.


We take the job of managing a business’ or individual’s tax services very seriously. We operate under the assumption that you are looking for a tax services firm where relationships, expertise, and experience really matter.


Haynie & Company helps Boise businesses and individuals with their taxes and we know what you need:


  • A firm with knowledge of compliance for state and federal tax laws
  • Relationship-based tax planning
  • CPAs with years of experience providing tax services
  • A legacy of excellence, accuracy, and quality


In addition, Haynie & Company will make it a priority to find ways to potentially reduce your tax obligations, working diligently to ensure you are not overpaying. It’s what makes us exceed our clients’ expectations – every day, every time– all the time.


For more information about how Haynie & Company in Boise can partner with you on your tax services, we’d love to consult with you. So call us at (208) 323-7655 to set up an appointment soon.

Professionals at Haynie & Company meeting to discuss the 179D Energy Tax Deduction.

Tax Planning Done Right

The number one way to appropriately limit tax liability and prevent overwhelm throughout the year is proactivity. By looking ahead and planning for the future, the associates at Haynie & Company in Boise are trained in our own long-established best practices when it comes to planning for your tax future.


Our proactive approach sets us apart from our competition. We provide a full commitment to service and experience when it comes to your tax planning needs. We recognize that a thorough tax planning strategy is at the heart of your tax service needs, which is why our CPAs spend the right amount of planning upfront. No surprises, no “gotchas” – just well-thought-out tax strategies that mean your business is never at a tax risk, and your tax strategy is always kept up to date with the latest federal, state, and local tax code changes.


Minimizing liability, staying in compliance with ever-changing tax laws, and identifying money-saving opportunities–these are the three pillars of a vital tax planning strategy, and no one is better at executing these strategies in the Boise area than Haynie & Company.


To begin with our tax planning services, give us a call today at (208) 323-7655.

Tax Preparation With a Difference

For most businesses and individuals, tax season isn’t their favorite part of the year. But it’s when Haynie & Company comes to the rescue, offering tax preparation services to individuals and businesses in Boise that take the pain away from complying with your tax obligations.


Your taxes need to be error-free, thoroughly vetted, and optimized in order to take advantage of tax deductions and credits. At Haynie & Company, we thrive on exceeding expectations and delivering superior results in preparing your taxes.


Taxes represent a high cost to businesses. That’s where Haynie & Company’s 60+ years of tax preparation experience comes in. We will not only prepare your taxes with the utmost quality and service, but we will look for ways to improve your revenue and reduce the tax burden.


Preparing taxes for individuals is something we particularly enjoy. Our licensed CPAs will consult with you before ever starting a tax return to ensure we understand your goals and needs. We offer competitive tax preparation rates, save you time and money, and keep you compliant with changing tax law.


For more information about our tax preparation services for businesses and individuals, we’d like to speak with you today at (208) 323-7655.

An employee of Haynie & Company providing tax services.

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