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Healthcare is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. A single piece of legislation can alter the fabric of the industry. The work is often fast-paced and demanding. The many sectors, positions, tasks, initiatives, and advancements create a hectic and high-stakes environment. Haynie & Company’s healthcare CPAs have worked with dozens of healthcare companies and organizations. Our team here in Boise, ID has the knowledge, experience, and most importantly, ability to maximize both your efficiency and bottom line.


Haynie & Company first opened its doors back in 1960. That means our inveterate CPAs have bore witness to the healthcare industry’s evolution. Moreover, resulting from decades of experience working with Boise’s healthcare industry, we have come to understand that this knowledge and understanding goes only so far as our commitment to your individual business. At core of Haynie & Company’s mission is our customized approach to professional CPA services.

Healthcare CPA Services Tailored To Your Practice

Without our depth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry, Haynie & Company would not have risen to the esteemed station at which we find ourselves today. Haynie & Company’s professionalism, commitment to client satisfaction, and unparalleled team of talented CPAs have garnered innumerable awards, accreditations, and satisfied clients. However, our success as healthcare CPAs depends entirely on our tailored service.


Hospitals, private practices, oncologists, insurance companies—Haynie & Company’s healthcare CPAs here in Boise have worked with practically every healthcare organization one might imagine. Our CPAs bring all this and more to each and every one of our clients here in Boise. But what sets Haynie & Company apart from other CPA firms is how we integrate with your organization. While other CPA firms apply formulaic strategies that inherently fall short, Haynie & Company walks into every healthcare organization with a blank slate.


Haynie & Company’s healthcare CPAs first study the needs of your organization thoroughly. Using the most sophisticated accounting tools, we adapt our strategy to meet the specific challenges and problems facing your business. To put it simply, our specialized healthcare CPAs treat your practice, clinic, or office as if it were their own. Without taking this integrated view, it is impossible to see clearly every detail required to maximize your profits, ensure compliance, and most important of all, allow you to focus on the strength and growth of your organization.

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Specialized, Full-Service Healthcare CPAs

Most CPA firms copy-and-paste their services. Worse yet, after signing on to work with them, they send the next accountant in line. This individual or team may understand basic bookkeeping. They may allow your accounts to appear maintained. But they will not treat your business as if it were their own. Our CPAs have created longstanding relationships with dozens of healthcare organizations for one reason: Here at Haynie & Company, we understand that our bottom line improves only when yours does.


Furthermore, as specialized healthcare CPAs, we can still provide the full range of accounting services. Though impossible to list completely, Haynie & Company’s team here in Boise, ID provides the following services:


  • Tax preparation and planning (corporate, multistate, local and personal)
  • Tax structuring and planning
  • Audit, review and compilation of financial statements
  • Financial statement audits
  • Business accounting services
  • Practice valuation
  • Practice acquisition/divestiture consulting
  • Joint venture analysis
  • Analysis of new doctor agreements and compensation
  • Estate and succession planning


The items listed above are mere examples of Haynie & Company’s arsenal of services. In reality, our CPAs and services are far too nuanced to describe in a reasonably cogent manner. Our healthcare CPAs here in Boise are trained and experienced in molding the full range of accounting principles in the shape of your organization’s needs. Put simply, our healthcare clients stick with us because we add immense value. Don’t wait any longer. Give yourself the breathing room to focus on your own practice and service. Call us today.

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The vast majority of CPA firms make money by churning clients. They don’t mind your business. They don’t acknowledge your mission. And because of this, their work is defined by a mountain of missed opportunities. Haynie & Company’s healthcare CPAs understand this industry, and more importantly, our CPAs commit to understanding your business so as to maximize your earnings power and compliance. Don’t take a chance saving an extra buck with generic accountants. Call Haynie & Company’s offices here in Boise at 208-323-7655, or contact us through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.