IRS Urges Caution Year-Round to Avoid Tax Scams

IRS Urges Caution Year-Round to Avoid Tax Scams

The Internal Revenue Service is urging taxpayers to remain vigilant and cautious of tax scams year around, not just during tax season. Fraudsters are repeatedly looking for ways to steal money and personal information from taxpayers, and they often use various tactics to fool people into giving them sensitive information.

It is essential to avoid sharing personal data over the phone, email, or social media, as scammers can use this information to steal identities and commit tax-related fraud. Taxpayers and businesses should also be cautious if a tax-related deal sounds too good to be true, as this could be a red flag for a potential scam.

It is reassuring to see that the IRS and the Security Summit partners are taking steps to safeguard taxpayers, businesses, and the tax system from scammers and identity thieves. The Dirty Dozen list is a helpful tool to alert the tax professional community and taxpayers about various prevalent scams and schemes throughout the year.

In summary, it is crucial to remain vigilant and cautious throughout the year and to take necessary precautions to protect personal and financial information from fraudsters. The Dirty Dozen list is a reminder to stay informed and aware of common scams and schemes to avoid becoming a victim of tax-related fraud.

To learn more, the IRS summarizes the 2023 Dirty Dozen.

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