Adam Wilkes, CPA and the Happy Crew

Adam Wilkes, CPA and the Happy Crew

Haynie & Company’s Adam Wilkes has an abundance of happy and wants to share it! Adam is an audit senior manager in our Littleton, Colorado office and serves on the board of directors for Happy Crew. When a friend introduced him to Happy Crew, Adam knew he needed to try to make a difference.

Happy Crew is a non-profit organization determined to invest in the next generation. Their mission is to destigmatize mental health issues by creating community and sharing the message, “YOU MATTER, YOU BELONG”. Happy Crew rallies Colorado teenagers to fight against teen suicide and create a positive community.

Adam has a personal connection to the cause. He faced depression for a while as a teenager and through that experience learned many wise lessons. The people who shared their time and talent with him left a lasting impact on his life. Adam looks forward to paying that forward to teens in his community.

Adam has a great outlook on life. “Life is a series of joyful and sad periods, all strung together. I believe that learning to enjoy them both for what those times teach us and help us to feel, is crucial to fully enjoying this one ride we get through life.” Adam hopes to impact a few teenager’s lives with his time and the wisdom he received early on.

If you’re in the Denver, Colorado area on October 5th join Adam at the Happy Crew Fundraiser. The event will help launch Kākou Coffee House, a place where teens will find community, acceptance, hope and strength. Click here for tickets and to learn about the event.

Haynie & Company encourages our team to follow their passions and engage in their local community. Thank you Adam for serving Happy Crew.