10-Day Challenge

10-Day Challenge

The Haynie Team recently took a 10 Day Mindfulness Challenge. This was part of the Growth Group Empathy and Mindfulness Series. Employees were sent a daily practice and reflection question. The activity was very well received. Therefore, we’ve listed the daily practices below. Revisit these anytime and share with your family and friends. We encourage you to check on those around you and discuss what you’ve learned.

Day 1: One Complete Cycle of Breath
Complete a ‘One Complete Cycle of Breath’ practice before a meeting or spending time with someone today. Click here for a sound file to guide you.

Reflection Question: How does it feel to put your full attention on one breath?

Day 2: Two Minutes of Mindful Breathing
Before you start working today, complete 2 minutes of mindful breathing. Click here for a sound file to guide you.

Reflection Question: How do you feel starting your day after this practice?

Day 3: Open Awareness
Take a few minutes today to go for a walk with open awareness. While staying connected to your breath, see how many colors, shapes, sounds, smells and sensations you notice. If you can’t be outside, try walking around your home or office with an emphasis on seeing things in a new way.

Reflection Question: Was there anything that surprised you on your walk?

Day 4: Wishing Ourselves and Others Well
When you see the next person you will interact with today, take a moment to say in your mind, “I wish for you to be happy” as you greet them. Repeat this as many times as you remember to do so today. When you find yourself alone, wish yourself well and wish yourself to be happy.

Reflection Question: How did the practice of wishing others well impact your interactions?

Day 5: Mindful Listening
Try a mindful listening practice today. In your next conversation or meeting, practice putting all of your attention on the person(s) with whom you are speaking.

Reflection Question: What impact does bringing your full attention to a conversation have on you or those around you?

Day 6: Mindful Eating
At your next meal, practice mindful eating. Bring an open awareness mindset to this practice; see how much of the experience you can be present to including the flavors and textures in the food, the sounds occurring around you and as you eat, the colors and smells, etc.

Reflection Question: In what ways did the mindful eating practice affect your experience of eating? How can you apply this type of practice to other areas of your life?

Day 7: Loving Kindness
Give 3 sincere compliments or acknowledgments. Make an effort to appreciate 3 people today who have impacted your life positively. This may be a co-worker who has helped you, or a friend who listened, or a family member who supported you. Acknowledge their efforts and the impact it had on you (either directly to them or just in writing for yourself).

Reflection Question: What impact does this have on the rest of your day?

Day 8: Focused Attention
Pick a short task you need to do today, (e.g. writing an email, washing the dishes). During the task, practice focusing all of your attention on the task and notice when your attention wanders, gently bringing it back to the task at hand.

Reflection Question: How does this shift the experience of doing the task?

Day 9: Just Like Me
Think of someone whom you’ll meet today or think of the next person you expect to see today. Take a moment to silently consider how that person is just like you. For example, you may say to yourself, “This person wants to do a good job, just like me.” Or “This person probably has a lot on their plate, just like me.”

Reflection Question: In what ways does this affect your perceptions of or experience with this person?

Day 10: Minute to Arrive
Try a ‘Minute to Arrive’ practice. When you start a new activity today, maybe a work meeting, maybe a meal, practice stopping and practicing one minute of silence to give yourself time to stop and become more present to this next activity. Think about what you want to get out of the meeting or activity.

Reflection Question: What impact did stopping and practicing a minute of silence have on your next activity?