Robert Jensen – Partner, CPA

Robert Jensen is partner at Haynie & Company. He has over 35 years of experience in private accounting which includes a wide range of tax and accounting services for individuals and businesses. In addition, Robert has served as the managing partner of an accounting firm for 16 years before it merged into Haynie & Company January 2016.

Robert’s experience in professional services include retail and wholesale trade, manufacturing, professional services and international issues for private companies. He also has extensive experience in corporate and individual taxation as well as auditing private companies. Robert has provided comprehensive management advisory services, along with valuation and litigation support services.

Robert graduated from the University of Utah with two degrees, Accounting and Finance. He served 2 years as a Chief Financial Officer of large a large restaurant operation and 5 years as an Instructor of Business Development at a local community school. He has also served for several years on various committees with the UACPA and served on the Board of Directors for various operations, organizations and Universities in Utah. Robert is a proud grandparent, parent and loves University of Utah athletics.