Las Vegas Small Business Accounting

Award-Winning Small Business Accounting in Las Vegas

Small businesses pour their energy into creating and selling their products or services. Meanwhile, small businesses must leverage the accounting process to the business’ benefit. That’s where Haynie & Company comes in.


In the old days, small business accounting had its own department, with at least one CPA and a clerk. Now, many small business accounting departments live in their servers, with quirky names such as QuickBooks. Though accounting has been automated, it leaves owners and managers with little or no experience to do the job.


Haynie & Company’s small business accounting professionals in Las Vegas take care of the books so that you can focus on what matters most.

Tailored Accounting Services

Every business has its own product or service, stage of growth, industry sector, etc. Haynie & Company’s small business accountants are equipped with the experience necessary to tailor their approach to your accounting process.


On the other side of the same coin, we offer a wide range of services, from software installation to book preparation. Though the following list is far from exhaustive, Haynie & Company’s small business accounting experts in Las Vegas can provide any of the following service options:


  • QuickBooks consulting and installation
  • Accounting and financial statement preparation
  • Payroll services
  • Payroll tax preparation
  • Internal accounting assistance and consulting
  • Internal budgeting and financial analysis
  • Facilitation of internal control for small businesses
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Trusted Financial & Tax Assurance Services

When business owners think accounting, taxes almost immediately come to mind. Tax day provides small businesses an opportunity to save a great deal of money should they take full advantage of the tax code.


When it comes to tax and assurance services, Haynie & Company goes the extra mile. Our CPAs in Las Vegas make sure you save every potential dollar come tax day. Haynie & Company will keep a lookout for areas where your business can cut costs, increase efficiency, and spur growth.

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Are you looking to transform your business’s accounting department? Haynie & Company’s small business accounting services are available at your earliest convenience. Contact Haynie & Company in Las Vegas today at (702) 242-3444 or through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.