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Amid last year’s first lockdowns, Haynie & Company helped countless clients cope with economic losses and impairments. The economy was hurtling into the biggest recession since 2008. It hardly seemed as if the housing market was on the cusp of its biggest boom since the years leading up to that financial crisis. Yet that’s exactly where we are. Meanwhile, Haynie & Company’s construction and specialty contracting CPAs have been hard at work.


Buyers and sellers are far from the only housing market participants. Housing demand has created a wealth of opportunity for builders and contractors all across the Boise area. For over a year now, Haynie & Company’s Construction and Contracting CPAs have prepared business plans, cost segregation studies, real estate tax plans, and much more. If you’re involved in the construction and contracting industry, our expert CPAs here in Boise can maximize every dollar spent, earned, and returned from Uncle Sam.

Haynie & Company’s Experienced CPAs Know Contracting

Property accounting can get complicated, and fast. The tax code allows builders and contractors many paths toward optimized cash flows and savings. Haynie & Company’s CPAs here in Boise, ID have worked with building and construction firms of all sizes and types. Our knowledgeable construction and contractor CPAs aren’t just academics with a photographic memory of property accounting. Here at Haynie & Company, we wield a true understanding of your business.


The fact is, not even the best CPAs in the world can help you if they don’t understand how the construction and contracting industry works. Since 1960, Haynie & Company has seen a thing or two. We combine our thorough understanding of construction and contracting accounting with a strong grasp of a builder’s inner workings.


Furthermore, Haynie & Company has worked with nearly every type of contractor and construction company one might imagine. Here are just a few of of the many services we provide for builders and contractors here in Boise:


  • Privately Held
  • Real Estate
  • Residential
  • Owner Builder
  • Non-Residential
  • Small Renovation Contractors
  • Industrial
  • Civil Engineering
  • General Contractors
  • Highway Contractors
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Specialty Subcontractors


Despite this experience, Haynie & Company is known throughout the Boise area for taking each and every new client as if it were our only one. Our knowledge about any given business and project at hand is distilled through a totally clear lens—a blank slate. Whether you own or manage a business in the building and contracting industry, you can rest assured that our construction and specialty contractor CPAs will provide the highest quality of service

construction engineer in yellow vest shakes hand with man in blue shirt

Haynie CPAs Choose Quality Relationships Over Profits

If you’re anything like us, you think long term growth. You know that the quick and easy buck is greatly discounted in the future. Haynie & Company is built upon this principle of sustainable growth and mutual prosperity. Such a vision spawns from a culture of strong ethics. At our offices here in Boise, you get a CPA firm that understands the cyclical nature of building and contracting; you get a reliable long-term partner that you can count on time and again.


Around Boise, we’re known for rewarding results. The goal of our CPAs, far from churning clients for greater profits, is to ensure that your business maximizes every dollar utilized throughout the past year or over the firm’s entire history. Our goal is to form long-standing relationships to the mutual benefit of all parties involved.

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You won’t find a more reliable CPA firm than Haynie & Company. Far more than an accounting company, Haynie is made up of CPAs from all walks of knowledge and experience. We bring to the table a deep understanding of your business, whether it’s a large-scale construction corporation or a specialty contracting outfit. Regardless, we will provide you with increased profits and savings over the long term. So give us a call today for a free consultation at (208) 323-7655.