Austin Small Business Accounting

Mission-Oriented Small Business Accounting in Austin, TX

Many budding entrepreneurs might think of a small business’s accounting department as an afterthought next to the overriding mission or idea. As long as the books get done and taxes filed, they think, we can focus on growth and opportunity. But as an experienced entrepreneur or manager, you know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Small business accounting can require enormous time, labor, and resources, and without paying proper diligence, your company could actually miss out on a great deal of growth and opportunity.


Our mission at Haynie & Company is to relieve small businesses of their accounting burden and raise the standard of opportunity for their future. Haynie’s team of expert CPAs in Austin, Texas, have accrued decades of experience and knowledge over a vast range of industries. We don’t just get the books done and plop them on the desk. No, Haynie & Company incorporates into its nuanced accounting practice your business’ mission and values. Further than getting the best ROI on your tax returns and transactions, we situate you, financially, in a way that helps you meet the vision for the future of your business.

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Haynie & Company’s Nuanced Approach To Small Business Accounting

As a nationwide, renowned CPA firm operating since 1960, Haynie & Company has seen the accounting industry change over several decades. Throughout the years, Haynie & Company has always stayed three steps ahead. More than that, our team of CPAs have set trends for approaching small business accounting with an outside-the-box perspective that works to help your company do more than get their taxes in on time.


This approach begins with a curated plan. For one, Haynie & Company’s professional CPAs leverage experience in countless industries and business sectors to coordinate a plan that takes a broad view of your business and its mission. In addition, we offer access to our vast network. Our CPAs have worked with general businesses and CPA firms all over the Austin area. Haynie & Company, by name, link your aims with potential partners. Our services, on paper, are simple and necessary, and they include:


  • QuickBooks consulting and installation
  • Accounting and financial statement preparation
  • Payroll services
  • Payroll tax preparation
  • Internal accounting assistance and consulting
  • Internal budgeting and financial analysis
  • Facilitation of internal control for small businesses


Yes, these are the names for what we will provide your business. But Haynie & Company’s nuanced approach to small business accounting goes far beyond these token functions. Behind these tasks, we aim to assist you and your business with much greater goals, including but not limited to:


  • Tax deduction strategies
  • Future discounted cash flow analysis
  • High-level perspective of potential buyout points
  • Labor efficiency
  • Potential acquisitions
  • Optimizing price points
  • Audit preparation
  • The allocation, disbursement, and preservation of capital


These days, small business accounting can seem like enterprise software that simply needs to be installed on your desktops. But Haynie & Company understand that small business accounting retains much of the imagination and attention to detail that, in the past, was done on paper and in person. The bottom line is this: Haynie & Company’s Austin CPAs still believe in community, collaboration, and creativity, and we bring this forgotten mastery into your office from day one.

Contact Haynie & Company For Small Business Accounting Tailored To Your Company

Small business accounting practice shouldn’t be copy and paste for every company. Haynie & Company’s expert CPAs provide creative solutions for intricate problems, opportunities, and procedures. Give your small business the accounting department it deserves by contacting us in Austin, Texas, today at (512) 671-7711, or through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.